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Accredited by the BBB with an A+ rating, ProFix delivers quick, professional and affordable repairs to homes and mobile homes in Summit, Wayne, Portage, and Stark counties

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We provide quality service at competitive rates and use only the best tools and materials. ProFix is the go-to source for all your home repair needs.

Mobile Home Repairs

Our team is specialized in identifying and fixing mobile homes’ most common problems. Say goodbye to water leakage, skirting, roofing, and insulation issues.


If you have a leaky pipe, faulty garbage disposal or dishwasher, have a new fixture you’d like installed or need a complete plumbing system overhaul, we can help you.

Water Damage Restoration

Our team make use of the most up-to-date techniques and equipment to mitigate water damage, restore affected areas, and prevent further issues, ensuring your home or business stay safe and dry.


We specialize in transforming flooring issues into flawless surfaces, whether it’s repairing damaged hardwood or rejuvenating worn-out vinyl. Trust us to make your floors better than new with our expert craftsmanship and attention to detail.


Whether you need to freshen up a room with a new coat of paint, or are looking to tile your kitchen, our experienced team can help you get the job done to perfection.


Our roofing services offer repair and replacement for any damage caused by storms, as well as replacing missing or damaged shingles. We’re specialized in residential roofing solutions, ensuring your roof is always in its best condition. 

Decks and POrches

We specialize in building decks and porches for any purpose, whether you’re looking for a mobile home entryway, an addition to your existing home, or just an outdoor space to enjoy the weather. Our experienced staff of professionals use the highest quality materials to ensure your deck or porch is safe and secure.

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July 24th, 2023

[…] What I liked about Ray during the consultation, besides being professional and courteous, was that he was willing to share honest opinions and suggestions based on his many years of experience. Our house is older (1945), and he took the time to educate us on the several obstacles they needed to overcome in order to rearrange the electrical and plumbing systems. He explained, in detail, everything that would occur  from the demolition stage, all the way to the final touch-ups. He came up with a plan that gave us the bathroom we wanted, and was able to stay within our budget! The Pro-Fix crew, alongside Ray, were Michael, Jeff, and Logan. They were very respectful, professional, and friendly throughout the construction process, and always on time. The end result is that we love our new bathroom, and I couldn’t be happier with choosing Pro-Fix to complete this project!


Andrew P.


a month ago

Ray and his team have been nothing but professional, honest and hard working. They definitely believe in showing you what the issue is and then explain the solution to fix it. I cannot tell you how many other contractors would rather just tell you and hope you believe. ProFix is fair priced and great at communication.


Darold S.


2 months ago

Today Ray and his assistant came out to repair a bad leak under my double wide mobile home. I am not new to problems with mobile home repairs. I was very impressed with Ray’s knowledge and expertise of mobile home repairs and remodeling ideas. He was very patient with all my questions and concerns. He took his time to explain every detail of what the repair would be. His expertise was amazing and as I said before I am not new to mobile home repairs but I was so impressed of his knowledge and impeccable work. […] Don’t take my word for it but read all of his other customers very positive reviews.


Nick A.


1 year ago

Ray (owner) and his team are very professional, timely and fair. We hired ProFix to fix a hole in our floor caused by seepage from an improperly installed sliding glass door. Ray was very polite and transparent throughout the entire process from quote through completion. Ray’s team was great, and Ray was on-site with his team the entire time to ensure the job got done right! Very rare this day and age. His team also applied heat tape to the pipes and repaired some insulation under our home. I would highly recommend and rehire Ray/ProFix!

Empowering Our Community

Support our Heroes and Friends

At ProFix, we believe in honoring our heroes and furry companions, providing top-notch service while supporting those who have served and our cherished four-legged friends. Join us in building a better future through our impactful initiative and make a lasting impact with every repair.

With this, we offer a discount up to $100 off your donation to our affiliated veterans and pet foundations, directly deducted from your total invoice, upon presenting proof of the donation.

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